Getting started

Where can I signup for an API key?

On the Battlerite API Developer Portal

I have my API Key. What do I do now?

To get started, take a look at the Documentation where you can learn how to use the API.

My dashboard says that my rate limit is 10 requests per minute. How can I request a higher rate limit?

The default rate limit of 10 requests per minute is for testing/development purposes only. Once you are ready to launch your tool, you can request a higher rate limit through the Battlerite API Developer Portal -> Select the app under "MY APPS" on the left -> Navigate to the "API KEY & RATE" section -> Click the "Need a higher limit?" link to the right under "APP RATE LIMIT:". Once we have approved your request, you will receive a confirmation email

If I have a question regarding the API, what do I do?

Check out the documentation.

What can I do with the data I get from the API?

Build awesome tools for yourself, or for the community! Just be sure that you comply with the restrictions on use and non-competition sections in our terms of service

Usage Restrictions

Will you charge for use of the API?

No. The API is free to use.

Am I allowed to monetize my service/site?


What do you mean by "bulk scraping"?

While it is okay to pull random matches to obtain a sample set within reason, it is not okay to attempt to store all of the data in order to create a competing API or impersonate the official API, as specified in the non-competition section of our terms. In addition, your cannot create a service that infers or concludes the size, activity, number of users or any other metric concerning other users, sales or financial information of Battlerite. In general, you should try to stick to only pulling data for users of your service/site as requested.

How long can I store data that I obtain from the API?

As long as you need. Just keep in mind that you cannot store all of the API data as described in the non-competition section of our terms

Development / Troubleshooting

I found a bug in the API. How do I report it?

Please go to and submit a ticket with detailed information about the issue.

I submitted a bug report. What happens next?

Our team will begin investigating the issue as soon as possible. After a patch has been applied, we will include the details in the changelog.

The documentation seems wrong. What do I do now?

You can open up an issue or contribute to the docs on GitHub if you’d like to make some changes.

I just played a match but my stats haven’t showed up yet, what’s the deal?

The API defaults to searching for matches over the last 3 hours. To find any matches before then, you must specify a Created-at time.

Where can I find assets to use on my project?

Assets can be found here.

What are all these number fields in the data?

They represent all sorts of information! Check out the mapping files on GitHub, which you can use to lookup what fields the numbers represent to understand their values.